Nigerian Musician Davido Stars In His First Movie


– A clip he recently shared on his Instagram page revealed that Davido may have chosen a path in Nollywood

– He is seen playing the role of a young commercial pilot

– The film is a documentary showing the life of billionaire Captain Idahosa (Hosa) Wells Okunbo

It appears Davido has decided to seek a career in the movie industry. The popular Nigerian musician recently shared a short video clip on his Instagram page.

In the clip, Davido plays the role of a young commercial pilot who reveals his plan to venture into the oil and gas business. In the caption, he also writes “Happy birthday Captain Hosa ! I love you! And I thank you for everything you have done for me and my career!! Long life!!!!! ❤️❤️#Mymentor.”

Watch the clip below:

According to Wikipedia, Captain Hosa is a Nigerian business magnate, investor, philanthropist and trained commercial pilot.


He serves as either chairman or director on numerous company boards in Nigeria, spanning multiple business sectors such as the agro-allied, petroleum, telecommunications, power, real estate and banking industries.

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