Horror: How 11 People Were Brutally Killed In Gun Bloodbath At Popular Holiday Hotspot

It has been revealed that at least 11 people are dead after a number of gunmen opened fire at a resort popular with British holidaymakers.
According to Daily Star UK, the gunfight happened in Acapulco, a city in Mexico that attracts thousands of European tourists every year.
Shots were reportedly fired after a man was detained for disorderly conduct, according to the self-appointed community police force.
Soldiers and police descended on the small town of La Concepcion after gunfire erupted.
Eight local residents and three cops were killed.
Despite attracting tourists to its picturesque beaches, Acapulco is still incredibly dangerous, with 12,000 murders taking place in the first sixth months of 2017.
Most of these killings are linked to Mexico’s violent drug trade.
State Attorney General Xavier Olea Pelaez said those detained were arrested on suspicion of crimes including homicide, illegal weapons and drug possession.
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