Anto Lecky

Former BBNaija housemate, Anto Lecky has disclosed the type of man she would love to be in a relationship with.

She made this statement in an exclusive interview with The Punch on Sunday, when asked if she could date any man in the entertainment industry.

The reality star said she is more interested in being with an honest person who keeps to his word and accepts her for who she is.

She said,

“At this point, I’m trying to date whoever will accept me for me. In dating, I think usually most people date people within their fields/industry, because where else do most people find partners besides ‘at work’? So, I’m not against dating someone in the limelight. I’m most interested in dating someone who is honest and keeps to his word”.

In a recent post, Anto advised people to hard but endeavor not to kill themselves, adding that in a bid to achieve greatness, we are all driving ourselves to a state of insanity.

She stressed the need to ”slow down and Just relax’‘ because what will be will be.

She tweeted:

“Just a reminder to SLOW DOWN We’re all trying to achieve greatness that we are driving ourselves crazy and losing sight of what’s most important. Just relax (still work hard but don’t kill yourself). What will be will surely be!”


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