panties for sale

The panties were put up for sale

A man has left social media users horrified after trying to sell his dead sister’s underwear on Facebook for £10, labelling the pair “ideal for those with fetishes.”

The unnamed man posted the item on a Facebook buy and sell page, leaving users gobsmacked.

In the post he attempted to sell his late sister’s undergarments for £2 per new pair, or £10 for an “unwashed pair.”

More than a dozen pictures were shared of the unusual items by the Ayrshire man, who claims they belonged to his dead sister.

He wrote that those looking for a bargain could snap up a pair of washed pants for the lower price of £2.

Included in the unusual snaps was a pair of crotchless panties. It is unclear what condition they were in when up for sale.

The advert read: “House clearance as my sister has died size 14 pants £2 a pair for new £10 a pair for worn unwashed ideal for fetish.

“Discount for more than one pair can post discreetelie.”

The post soon went viral as horrified social media users reacted to the unusual listing, reports Daily Record.

One wrote: “Whats wrong with folk. Seriously.”

Another joked: “How much for 12 pairs worn? Asking for a friend.”

While a third said: “It’s not worth it. There’s no strings attached.”

Another commented: “How a death can bring the best out in you.”


Source: Daily Star UK


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