The Thread

Popular writer and a public speaker, Toni Tone is of the opinion that men hate women who empower other women.

She stated that men do not want women to be empowered so that they can be easier to control.

She wrote: “Some men hate women who empower other women, because an empowered woman is a woman that is harder to control.

“They don’t want women knowing that their body is for them and only them. They don’t want women knowing what they deserve. They don’t want women hearing about what they shouldn’t put up with. They don’t want women to be confident or to know they have authority over their own life.

“When a man passionately dislikes a woman who is known for empowering other women, ask him why he dislikes her. Often the reasons given are fickle and insignificant because they’re too ashamed to give the real reason; which is ‘she makes women feel powerful and I don’t like that’.”





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