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A Grade I Area Court in Kubwa, Abuja, on Wednesday, dissolved a seven-year-old marriage between Salamat Dauda and Isiyaka over his refusal to pay school fees for his three children.

Dauda in her petition, begged the court to dissolve her marriage adding that her husband has failed in his duties as a husband and father.

”Isiyaka abandoned his responsibility as a husband and a father, I pay the school fees for our children and cater to other necessities in our home.

“I do everything and I am tired of his behaviour, ” she said.

She begged the court to dissolve her marriage.

Her husband who also works in a construction company in Abuja, consented to his wife’s petition for divorce, adding that he had tried his best.

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However, the Presiding judge, Muhammad Adamu in his ruling ordered the petitioner to observe “Iddah”, which is a waiting period to be observed for three months before contracting another marriage, NAN reports.


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