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A number of women on Twitter have made a shocking revelation, that Nigerian barbers demand letter of consent from a male relative before they agree to cut a woman’s hair.

Married women revealed that they are asked to show a letter of consent from their husbands before they can get a haircut. Unmarried women said they sometimes have to get a letter of consent from their boyfriends in order to get a haircut.

Others said they either get consent letters from their fathers or male friends.

The conversation started after Twitter user @eketiette wrote: “Man strolls into barbershop. Gets haircut, pays 1,500 naira, leaves. Woman strolls into barbershop, is asked to pay 2,500 naira for same haircut, plus present letter of consent from husband or boyfriend.

“In Uyo, I was told the practice of asking for a letter of consent began when a soldier arrested everyone in the barbershop where his wife had her haircut. The request for a letter/note also happens in Enugu and some parts Lagos. I don’t know the reason(s) though.”

She added: “I was asked to bring one when I went to cut mine. This was way back in 2015. I ended up cutting my hair myself. The practice hasn’t changed.”

Some women said it not only happens in Akwa Ibom state but also in Rivers state and Abuja.

Below are accounts from more women who have experienced this;

 Nigerian women

 Nigerian women

 Nigerian women

 Nigerian women

 Nigerian women



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