Man Recounts The Extent He Went To Avoid Spending Money At A Birthday Fundraiser

A man took to Twitter to narrate the extent he went to avoid spending his money at a birthday fundraiser.

He explained that he was invited for a lady’s birthday and he knew they would do a fundraiser at the party so he intentionally went without money.

While there, they attempted getting money from guests by asking them to pay for the cutting of the cake. When it got to his turn and he was given the mic, he simply prayed for the celebrant, even though he knew people were not pleased with him.

Then they began a game called “Devil’s Basket” where participants are dared to do things or pay up.

Every attempt to give him hard dares was met with resistance as he was ready to do everything they asked him to. The game eventually ended when he boldy brought out his male member when a woman was dared to perform oral s3x on him.

Read His Story Below


Man recounts

Man recounts

Man recounts


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