In the wake of the ongoing #EndSARS protest, Nigerian youths have taken to social media to protest the humongous amount Nigerian senators get paid for sitting at the red chamber.


This comes after a recent report was published by Channels Television showing the huge sum of money paid to Nigerian Senators.


Channel Television in a recent broadcast, disclosed the sum of money paid to senators as allowances in the country. 



In the report, it shows that each senator is paid:


Basic Salary: N2,484,245.50

Hardship Allowance: N1, 242,222.70

Constituency Allowance: N4,968,509.00

Furniture Allowance: N7,452,732.50

Newspaper Allowance: N1,242,122.70


At the end of every month, each Nigerian senator takes almost N14 million home.


Some Nigerians have taken to social media to rant after seeing the sum of monies paid to senators when the channel broadcasted on Television. 


The youth have however channeled their protest towards the huge allowances paid to senators while the average Nigerian languished in poverty.


Read some reactions below:




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