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In what will come across as a really startling development, a woman has caught her husband cheating after doing something unusual

According to TheGuardian, the unidentified woman reportedly discovered that her husband of two years has been cheating on her after she noticed that the pimples on his back had been popped by someone else.

It is gathered that the woman noticed the squeezed acne while her husband was changing his clothes at their home in Erzincan, Turkey.

Speaking on behalf of the woman, her attorney Tolga Aydemir revealed that when the woman noticed the popped pimple and brought it up with her cheating husband, he changed the subject quickly.

Convinced he was hiding something, she decided to verify her suspicions. She decided to check his phone while he was asleep.

To her horror, she discovered Whatsapp messages from another woman, and ironically even the pimples topic was mentioned.

Tolga said: “At first it seemed strange to me, but then the woman showed me the WhatsApp conversation. He was actually saying to his girlfriend that his wife had started to suspect him because of his acne.

“I’ve looked at many divorce cases before, but this is the first time I see something like that. Sherlock Holmes was only a little bit better than this woman.”


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