Sowore Tells #EndSars Protesters What To Do During Curfew

Nigerian activist and RevolutionNow convener, Omoyele Sowore has told #EndSARS protesters the next step to take following the curfew placed on some states.

Earlier today, the Lagos government declared a 24-hour curfew to calm the uprising resulting from the protests across the state.

The Edo state government had yesterday declared same 24-hour curfew after the jail break in Benin city.

Reacting to the curfew, Sowore who has been part of the protests revealed the next move the protesters should make.

He Tweeted:

“#Endsars Please if any state or city declares a curfew, as #Lagos just did, just go to a designated protest ground with enough supplies. Let the “curfew” meet you at a place of righteousness. Stay their protesting until the curfew is lifted. Thank you! #Revolutionnow”

End Sars protesters in the two states where curfew was declared have been taking to their various social media platforms to blast the governments for attempting to silence them.



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