Mother Of Two Attacked By Baby Daddy, Sustains Serious Facial Injuries

Dele Ebuwa, a mother of twins has sustained severe facial injuries after her 27-year-old baby daddy, Ehis Sam, brutally attacked her at her father’s house in Benin, Edo State, on Monday, November 2, 2020.

According to the 27-year-old fashion designer, she and Ehis dated for about a year before she fell pregnant in January 2019. Ehis, who is an auto electrician, allegedly asked her to abort the baby, and when she refused he abandoned her and refused to have anything to do with the baby.

“I delivered a set of twin boy and girl in September 2019 through CS. I was in my parents house for about nine months after, then my parents invited him and he came and said he wants to take us to his house.

However, the kids and I stayed with him for only two weeks. He beat me up four times. He will lock the door so that neighbors can not come in. After the 4th beating I had to call my mum and she asked me to pack my things and return to the house.

He accused me of hooking him up with my pregnancy, that the lady he was supposed to marry, I did not let him marry her,” she said.

Ebuwa said after missing in action for a long time, Ehis showed up one morning and started playing with their son.

“I was furious at his audacity. I started dragging the boy with him telling him that if I had aborted him would he have seen him to play with.

That was when he started hitting me, I had to run outside I didn’t know when he picked a stone and it hitted my face, my mouth got tore and I was bleeding profusely. They had to rush me to the nearest pharmacy to stitch it,” she added.



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