With Funchat app, you can easily connect with your loved ones, brands and different users in a social way.
Funchat app

Funchat app


FunChat app is amongst the newest chatting and social apps available on Google Play Store.


The free messenger app allows users to chat and connect with friends and loved ones through online messages.


This free social media messenger app is not only used to chat with friends and family but it also allows its users to share multimedia, Apk files, documents, voice notes more. It also lets its users make video calls and voice calls using the internet. 


FunChat addresses the need of having a home grown chat application instead of depending on foreign messaging apps.


As  Mr Emmanuel’s initiative of ‘Make in Naija’ is gaining momentum, there is no better time to make this app available to the citizens of Nigeria.


China has long shunned foreign social apps and used their own apps and social media. Very soon FunChat is set to become the main messaging app in Nigeria. With all the wonderful, exciting added new features, FunChat is the new way of chatting. Once you have FunChat, there is no looking back.


We also work with brands (FMCG and other industries) to access the best memes, photos created in the network and use them to promote their products. The brands then pay the meme creators. This B2B2C model has made the startup set its sights on a big future.



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