Maduakor Wiseman

A married man identified as Maduakor Wiseman on Facebook has made a startling revelation after he advised men on the best ways to cheat on their wives so as to get a reaction.

According to him, his wife left him and their infant after she found out that he cheated on her with her younger sister.

“If your wife provokes you and you want to punish her cheat with her sister or relative and make her to find out, there is nothing more painful to them like cheating with their blood, they may not care if you cheat outside,” he wrote.

Wiseman added; “I don’t post what does not work for me. She will be pained all the days of her life. In fact I have been cheating on my wife, if she find out I apologize. Immediately I found this strategy, I cheated with her junior sis and she left a breastfeeding baby for me and leave. she never returned, we separate. That’s why I know it Pained them. Just want to make common sense. #WISEMAN” he added.




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