Shocking Visitor Photographs A Starving Lion And Other Underfed Animal In Kaduna Zoo

A man was dealt a shocker as he visited a zoo in Kaduna and found a starving lion alongside other mal-nourished animals in a Nigeria zoo.

A wildlife charity has an investigation and a rescue mission in an attempt to save the life of the severely malnourished male lion, which was pictured during the man’s visit to the Zoo.

The man paid a visit to the Gamji Gate zoo in Kaduna, Nigeria, and was shocked to discover the poor living conditions of the animals there.

After paying for the entrance fee to the state-owned zoo, he came across a painfully thin lion which looked as if it was on the verge of death , locked up in a cement cage in the zoo.

“The first moment I saw the animal I felt shock,’
the man, who wishes to remain unnamed, told Jam Press. ‘I was so surprised. I felt so nervous and uneasy because it was my first time seeing a lion live.

‘Like this is my first time in a zoo. I virtually saw them in movies, news and magazines. Actually, most of the animals in the zoo are not well-fed. They lack proper treatment or let me say malnutrition.” The man said.

Disturbed by the scene, the man recorded his findings and quickly contacted the animal welfare charity WildatLife.e.V to assist in the rescue of the lion.

His footage and photos show the lion looking incredibly thin with its ribs visibly protruding from its stomach.

This is in stark contrast to a typical full-grown male lion, which weighs in at around 420 pounds, while female lions generally weigh about 280 pounds.

The lion, named Zaki by the charity, is in critical condition and had been left to suffer beyond comprehension by the zoo management.

A spokesperson said: ‘The vet was sent and gave medical assistance to the lion but he will require further treatment which NGO WildatLife will pay for.

‘We are awaiting the full vet diagnosis and report into how and why this has been allowed to happen.




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