The dress

A young Nigerian lady identified as called Nicole Ken has stirred up social mdia after making a post on Twitter.

Nicole shared her WhatsApp chat enquiring about a cute dress from a fashion designer

The dress was a lovely short dress. It was embellished with cute stones and the style was simply made to fit the model wearing it.

The young lady asked if the outfit can be ordered and how much it would cost. Nicole was, however, shocked when the designer mentioned the price of the outfit.

The fashion designer said the fabric cost N100k per yard and the cost of production is N200k. According to her, Nicole would pay for the cost of the fabric separately.

The designer noted that the fabric used for the model was one yard because of her size. She told the young lady that she can’t tell her how many yards she would be using as she doesn’t know her size.

The designer, however, noted that Nicole will not use more than two yards of fabric.

Check out the chat below:

Nicole’s conversation with the fashion designer has got Nigerians talking online.

Read some comments below:

@Edward_Onoriode said his wife is a tailor as he noted that one yard cannot make the style of the outfit.

A tweep called @DoctorEmto also said one yard cannot make the dress.

@meemee asked if the designer is sewing more than an outfit.

@tiana_kris said it is not possible that the model is wearing one yard of fabric.


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