Breakdancing To Make Debut As New Sport In Paris 2024 Olympic Games

On Monday, November 7, it was announced that breakdancing will make its Olympics debut at Paris 2024 games.

It will be the first DanceSport event to appear at an Olympic Games, having been staged at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires two years ago.

The decision, according to the IOC is part of the president, Thomas Bach’s plans to make the Games “more gender-balanced, more youthful and more urban”.

Surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing, which are part of next year’s Tokyo Games, will also be included at Paris 2024.

There will be “exactly 50 per cent male and female participation, following on from the gender equality already achieved for Tokyo 2020, which will have 48.8 per cent female participation. There will also be the growth of mixed gender events, from 18 to 22, compared to Tokyo 2020,” the IOC said.

IOC President Thomas Bach said:

“With this programme, we are making the Olympic Games Paris 2024 fit for the post-corona world. We are further reducing the cost and complexity of hosting the Games.

“While we will achieve gender equality already at the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, we will see for the first time in Olympic history the participation of the exact same number of female athletes as male athletes. There is also a strong focus on youth.”

Breakdancing or breaking as it is known, evolved in New York in the 1960s and 70s as a way for rival street gangs to fight for turf.

Its first Olympic appearance was at the 2018 Summer Youth Games in Buenos Aires. The IOC has confirmed it will be staged at a prestigious downtown venue, joining sport climbing and 3-on-3 basketball at Place de la Concorde.


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