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A Zimbabwean man has cried out in court while claiming that his life is being threatened by his In-laws because his son has refused to get back together with their (In-laws) daughter.

The man identified as Ellmon Munedzimwe is hereby seeking a protection order from his in-laws.

According to H-Metro, Mr Munedzimwe claims that Mr Michael Mangachena is forcing his granddaughter to get back together with his son.

Appearing before Kwekwe magistrate Samukeliso Gumbo, Mr Munedzimwe said he wanted a protection order from Mr Mangachena who has threatened to end his life.

“Your Worship, Mangachena has been sending a go-between and forcing his granddaughter to come to my house without my consent.

He also threatened to burn me alive for not complying with his demands and l do not wish to entertain him since l fear for my life and l, therefore, wish to be protected.

I am pleading with the court to be granted protection order as l cannot stay with his granddaughter because l do not know why she was chased away from where she was staying with my son and also for my own safety as a man.

I do not want them to involve me in their quarrels because they are grown-ups who can make decisions for themselves”, he said.


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