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A Nigerian tech expert took to social media to narrate how he turned down the request of an unknown lady who displayed a “men hate” trait while seeking mentorship from him.

Taking to Twitter, user @celestocalculus, revealed he got the guidance request message from the unnamed lady a few days back.

@celestocalculus said the lady added a disclaimer to her request warning him that if he was sexist or misogynistic, then he shouldn’t respond.

According to him, the disclaimer was unnecessary, which was why he didn’t reply to her message.

See what he wrote below;

“There’s a message I received 2 days ago which I’m trying to get out of my head but it’s really difficult.

So I’m tweeting about it with the hope that it’s going to make me feel a little better. Hopefully. Because it’s actually really sad.

Wanted to share a glimpse of the DM, but no.

Long story short, a lady was asking for guidance on how to get into tech & thought it wise to add a disclaimer that I shouldn’t respond if I was sexist or misogynistic.

Didn’t know this person & never ever spoken to her before.

I was hurt mehn, I won’t even lie. Deeply hurt.

Her request was compelling, but that energy wasn’t one I wanted around me. Being a suspect for absolutely nothing. Egg shells. So I turned down her request.

This man hate being peddled on here is causing insane damage.

Shared the message with my brother before I replied & he was just as shocked as I was.

Why? What do some of you take men for that makes you not want to deal with people on individual basis?

Be careful taking this man hatred message to heart. You’re going to turn into a monster.”


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