The woman gave her mother a car as christmas gift

The woman gave her mother a car as christmas gift


A mother has received an early Christmas gift for the year.


This comes after a lady took to her Twitter page to show off the brand new 2021 Mercedes Benz E350 she gave her mother as Christmas gift.


She made the promise on Twitter on the 6th of December, to reveal that she intends to acquire a Benz for her mum as a surprise Christmas gift.


Few weeks after, the lady, @Sashsasuke shared photos of the new exotic whip and disclosed that she is looking for a good spot to hide it ahead of the special unveiling on Christmas day.


Her initial tweet read:


”I’m Bout to put my momma in a Benz for Christmas brb.”

After she bought the car, the young lady wrote;


”Now I gotta find where to hide it”


she added;


”For everyone asking, it’s a 2021 E350 go big or go home”


The ride has a clean look, and we are sure her mum was proud of her daughter for the special Christmas gift.


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