Wana Udobang

Nigerian writer, Wana Udobang has made a startling revelation about her childhood as she recounts how she was nearly used her as a sacrificial lamb by her father.

Taking to Twitter to share the shocking childhood memory, the poet recalled being forced by her father to taste his tea before he drank it.

At first, she had no idea what his reason was but they later discovered relatives had told him his wife, Wana’s mother was trying to poison him, so, rather than make his wife taste the tea first, he chose to use his daughter as the sacrificial lamb.

She Wrote;

“I randomly always remember my father asking me to drink his tea under duress cos I didn’t exactly like tea as a child.

“Only to find out a few mins later that his relatives had told him my mother put poison in the tea.

“Memories are such a wonderful thing.”



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