Salma Saade and man, Finlay

A woman who was pleasantly surprised when she went to surprise her man, has told of what happened.

According to her,the incident has made her and her partner stop trying to surprise each other in their relationship.

Salma Saade shared screenshots revealing how she flew from Paris to Edinburgh to surprise her man only for her to get there and discover that he had flown to Paris to surprise her too.

The chats show their alarm at discovering they had missed each other while simultaneously trying to surprise themselves.

Sharing the screenshots, Salma wrote: “Happy 4 year anniversary to when I flew to Edinburgh to surprise Finlay and he flew to Paris to surprise me and this is why we don’t do surprises anymore.”

Finlay replied to her tweet, writing: “Turns out we were in Edinburgh Airport at the same time going in opposite directions.”

See below:


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