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A man who rejected the advances of a woman on Twitter has been labeled a bastard.


It happened in a conversation between the man and a lady.


According to the conversation shared online, the lady chatted the guy first. After they exchanged greetings, the lady told the man that she likes him.


However, the man told the lady that she was pretty but that he is not available after she asked for her number.


The man explained that he has a girlfriend and doesn’t want to entertain other pretty girl because he doesn’t want to be distracted. In response to the man’s message the lady said his explanation was insulting.


The lady went ahead to insult him while calling him a bastard for refusing her advances. Sharing the message on Twitter, the man wrote; “I’m not the one to usually post stuff like this but this is funny AF! Omo!”


See the screenshots from the message below:






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