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In what will come across as a really terrifying development, an unknown number of crocodiles are on the loose after they escaped from a breeding farm in South Africa, conservation officials said on Thursday.

DPA reports that the juvenile crocodiles, which measure between 1.2 metres and 1.5 metres, escaped through a farm’s meshed wire fence near the town of Bonnivale in Western Cape Province on Wednesday.

Petro van Rhyn, spokesperson for provincial conservation body Cape Nature, told dpa.

Cape Nature has warned residents to stay clear of the nearby Bree River until all of the predators have been captured.

“Obviously, they are very dangerous. These are wild animals even though they’ve been in captivity.

“People must not approach them and stay clear of the river until all are captured,’’ van Rhyn said.

Cape Nature, together with the owner of the breeding farm, surrounding land owners and the police have launched a massive hunt for the reptiles, the spokesperson said.

So far, 27 crocodiles have been found, while a yet unknown number of others are still at large, she added.


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