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A lady who got her heartbroken took to social media to recount how she was just with her man the other night and the next day, he engaged another woman.

According to the lady, she never had any idea he was seeing another person and she only saw the proposal on Instagram and her entire world went crashing.

In her Twitter post, she wrote on the promises the man made and some strange assertions he made the day before he went ahead to propose to another woman.

Read her post below:

“Last night my heart shattered into a million pieces as I watched “The Love Of My Life” propose to another woman on his Insta-story. The same man that told me he loved me the night before

I’ve never seen her until that moment, she looks happy and I don’t want to take away from her moment. But it hurts. I’m still watching it, I just don’t understand.

I’m thinking about everything he said to me the last night we spent together,he brought up how much I hurt him in the past…I thought we were past all that. He said “I want you to know that I love you” he kept on repeating it over and over again.

After blocking him everywhere, I finally decided to call him…The only thing he said was “How was I supposed to tell you” anything else I couldn’t hear over my crying/screaming/cussing and throwing my phone to the end of the bed out of frustration because this man

He said “I love you and you’ll always be my first”. I didn’t see it or maybe I didn’t wanna see it. I never finished watching Gomora… I just cried and cried so much I thought I was going to pass out because I could make sense of anything.”


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