The Thread

A woman identified as Betty Nwabunike took to Twitter to advise ladies not to live alone as it reduces their chances of getting married.

She advised graduates to go back home and live with their parents until a man comes and marries them.

She tweeted: “As a lady Once you finish your University, it’s very WRONG to go live alone ,  better you go back home until you find yourself a good man .its fastest that way and more responsible.”

For those single women who want to live alone before marriage, she asked: “What is the use building a home without a husband?”

The woman who refers to herself as the “voice of the youth” also told her 121,000 Twitter followers: “Ladies stop deceiving yourself pls. Don’t be carried away by the lies of media. You need a man. You need a good man to marry you. You are called out to be a mother also.

“50 years down the line old, childless and husbandless you star crying and wishing you did not play hard to get.”






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