An Environmentalist, Mr Emmanuel Emechete, on Monday, harped on the difficulties encountered in recycling efforts in spite of the viability of the business in the country.

Emechete, also a recycling expert, said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that it required adequate planning to go into recycling.

According to him, recycling business is not a bed of roses as being painted by those in it.

“There are various challenges faced when delving into recycling business in Nigeria. I went into recycling first with an advocacy approach before going into it as a practice.

“The major challenge faced by anyone trying to go into collation of plastic bottles or other recyclables is the inability to get the items picked up to the recycling centres.

“Most recycling companies in the country give the impression of being available but after collating the recyclables, the problem is that there is nowhere to drop it off.

“It is either the available recycling centres are too far or they complain that the quantity of recyclables collected are few and so refuse to collect them.

“Recycling business in Nigeria is not as easy as it is being painted to be. It requires putting in extra effort and zeal to make it profitable,’’ Emechete said.

He said although Nigerians could make a viable source of livelihood from the business, they must put in more effort to make it work.

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