Security operatives have apprehended a notorious thief who specializes in stealing and selling babies.

A criminal who has practical experience in taking children has admitted to have made over N.7million, in the wake of selling the stolen infants in Benin, Lagos, Enugu and Port-Harcourt.

The speculate who recognized himself as Kenneth Ofoke from Ohrza town in Izzza nearby government territory of Ebonyi State was among other associated culprits strutted by the chief with police in Edo State, CP Dan Malam Mohammed in Benin City on Wednesday.

“The first was seven weeks male twins I sold for N500, 000.00. The second was three years of age child kid named Wisdom, I gathered N30, 000.00.

“A two-year-old child young lady was given out for N200, 000.00 and I was hanging tight to get some cash from ‘madam’ when police captured me on March 26, 2019.” he expressed.

Kenneth who professed to be a hitched proficient bricklayer said he utilized the returns to pay house lease, and got some family unit property in Benin City.

He communicated question about the likelihood of recuperating the youngsters and rejoining them with their organic guardians as a portion of the purchasers were from Lagos, Enugu and Port-Harcourt where, as per him, a halfway house is being utilized as a spot for the illegal exchange.

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