Getting up to 300+ Instagram follower daily with perfectliker is becoming fun and free to use..

Is this real?

Yes,it is real and legit,you can get up to 300+ followers or More every day using perfectliker which involves follow for follow..

How does it works?

You need to log on the site with your correct instagram user name and password,it automatically connect and you click Get free followers or post like.
Instantly you will get 10followers.
Then exit and return back every thirty minutes to get free followers.

Link and and how to get free 300+ followers?

*Log on to with your Instagram username and password
*10 followers every thirty minute,,I.e (10follower x 360minute) = 360 followers..

Concluding the free 300+ followers,you may want to ask, is my Instagram account safe?
Yes it safe because they will never disclose your account to third party and their site is secured…. Hope this article helps..

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