Olaide Olaogun and ex-huband, Babatunde Ojora

Olaide Olaogun and ex-huband, Babatunde Ojora


Actress and ex-lux ambassador, Olaide Olaogun has been attacked by a fan for allegedly having a sugar daddy and sleeping around which led to the crash of her marriage.


The attack is coming after she opened up that suffered domestic violence from her husband whom she got married to in 2015.


Olaide Olaogun had shared on Whatsapp;


“Leave and live. I got married to an abusive man! Physical and verbal abuse! And lots more that will be unveiled.

“I left him, filed for divorce but stupidly forgave him and went back believing his promises. He became worse! Now I finally freed myself from continuous abuse! Hallelujah”.


Shortly after she opened up on the situation with her crashed marriage, an Instagram user accused her of also having her own faults.


According to the person, Olaide Olaogun had a sugar daddy while still married to her husband.


See screenshot below:


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