Russell Wilson who as of late marked an arrangement with the Seahawks making him the most generously compensated player in the NFL has recently skilled the whole Seahawks hostile line with $12,000 in Amazon stock, an aggregate of $156,000 for the 13 players.

Every player got a letter with the stock blessing clarifying why #3 snared them.

“Each Sunday we go to fight together. You penance your physical and mental prosperity to ensure me, which thus enables me to give and mind to my family. This does not go unnoticed and it is always remembered” Wilson composed.

Russell says he needs to enable his colleagues to get ready for life after football and trusts stock in Amazon will enable these players to accomplish their fantasies.

“When I sat down to consider approaches to respect your commitment twelve unique thoughts rung a bell. Some were showy, some were cool, yet I needed to give you something that had an enduring effect. Something that would influence the lives of you, your family, and your children.You have put resources into my life … this is my venture into yours”.


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