Nigeria is going backwards not exclusively because of incompetent or corrupt leadership. But because of ass-lickers. People who feed on politicians ass and are filled. People who can’t stand you in the eye and tell their leaders their flaws. This people complain of bad leadership but say otherwise when they get in front of these bad leaders. They praise these leaders because of dollars and political appointment. This reminds me oF Rubben Herberty. To build our nation. We need people with balls. I mean citizens who have balls. Balls is becoming rare these days. Greed is spearheading homicide of balls. The vocals voice is lost to the pounding of pounce. If someone is talking too much, find some big meats to occupy his mouth, dude will be quiet. Nigerian needs people whose intellectualism and sense of right judgement won’t be clouded or eroded by sentiments, partisan, political or tribalistic allegiance. To make matters worse, we have a culture that celebrates and hypes mediocrity. Recently I heard the VP speech at Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s birthday lecture. Baba Osh was lying in board daylight about the achievement of this government. Blowing up figures in proportions. He was saying we feed these millions, empower millions. I ask myself who are these millions, how come none of them is in my contact. However, people don’t look into the specifics of what he is saying, all that matters is that Baba Osh was eloquent like Obama and articulate all day. That was the discussion for the rest of the day. Lol, I remember what the minister of work said: some parts of the country now experience 24/7 light. That was so funny because the statement was made in such a way that it couldn’t be verified. It is believed that the youths don’t check facts. Whatever they tell us. We accept it line hook and sinker. For us to move this country forward, we all need to stop the nasty act of licking ass. Else we will become asshole country. Asshole is even a big compliment for us since at least asshole has one purpose, it lets out shit.  #GrowBalls. Romans 12: 2 do not lick the ass of the world, Grow some balls and change the world. ( NiggaEdition).

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