A Tui flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger spat in his wife’s face during a row.


Edward Mongan, 42, and his wife were in the Mexico-bound flight on July 21 when a row broke out between them. He was warned by cabin crew over the use of his strong language towards his wife but he became even more enraged and began abusing staff members.


As a result, the pilot of the flight made an emergency landing on the island of Bermuda. He was removed from the aircraft in Bermuda and the flight then continued its journey to Cancun, Mexico.


Mr Mongan has now been fined more than £5,000 for his actions.


Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe told the court in Ber­­muda: “One can only imagine what was going through the passengers’ minds while this was happening.”


The court heard that cabin manager Anne Marie Evans had asked Mongan to mind his language, but he replied: “F**k off. Get out of my sight.”


Prosecutors said he then went to the back of the plane and began yelling at another member of crew, before shoving another attendant.


Mongan, from Manchester, admitted to using threatening behaviour, interfering with a flight attendant, and using abusive language.


He said: What I did was uncalled for. I’ll never do it again. My wife is in Mexico. I just want to see my wife and kids.”


Mongan was fined £5,250 for the disturbance, the Daily Mirror reports.

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