The woman who claims NHL star, Evander Kane failed to pay her $3 million for aborting his child was ordered to reveal her real name in court in order to proceed with the case


TMZ reports that an L.A. County Superior Court judge ruled Hope Parker who had previously used the alias “Jane Doe” in her lawsuit against Kane cannot use the alias moving forward.
“There is no clear California law allowing her to remain anonymous,” the judge said in a ruling.
Instead of dropping the case and keeping her identity secret, Parker has now filed new documents using her real name to continue with the case.
In her claims,  Parker said she had been dating Kane on-and-off from 2015 to 2018 and alleged she had two abortions during that time. But after she got pregnant for a third time with the Canadian professional ice hockey star, he offered her $3 million to abort the child despite her initial plan not to do it.
According to her, she went through with the procedure but San Jose Sharks forward didn’t give her the cash as he promised.
She later sued Kane seeking over $6 million in her lawsuit, but the Ice Hockey star filed legal docs of his own back in 2018, saying that since he’s not accused of committing a crime, the accuser should not be able to hide behind an alias.
It was also alleged that the NFL star believed his accuser would be more likely to drop the suit out of fear of embarrassment if she reveals her real name.
As for the allegations in the suit, Kane previously issued a blanket denial and later argued in legal docs that even if he did agree to the $3 million deal, it was made in a private, consensual sexual setting and the court has no authority to enforce it, TMZ reported.

The case is still ongoing.

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