The acting Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu, has requested the prompt capture and arraignment of all people associated with the ridiculous and grim assault on Police officers who were in Ogoja people group in Cross Rivers state to capture some associated outfitted burglars and recipients with a stolen vehicle on Wednesday April seventeenth.

An announcement from the police says the assault was engineered and executed by one Ikenga, a famous recipient of stolen property, and his pack individuals. Four (4) Police officers appended to IGP Intelligence Response Team (IRT) unit were truly and appallingly injured, with profound matchet cuts on their heads and different pieces of their bodies.

The criminologists (the casualties of the savage assault) are researching an instance of a stolen Toyota Sienna Bus before detailed by the Master Chapel Church, a Pentecostal church situated in Lagos. The criminologists had, after a careful examination, captured four (4) male suspects – Peter, Ben, Ebuka and Johnson.

As per the police, the presumes who were emphatically involved in the wrongdoing by Police examination, admitted to be sure taking the vehicle. They expressed further that they had sold the vehicle to another criminal in Benue State. Subsequently, analysts moved to Benue State with one of the suspects. On capture of the suspect in Benue State, he expressed that he had sold the vehicle to another infamous collector of stolen products situated in Ogoja for a whole of #250, 000 Naira. With this revelation, the criminologists continued straight to Cross River State, where the infamous collector IKENGA was captured and the stolen vehicle recouped.

In any case, in a peculiar curve, soon after his capture, the speculate brought an alert up in his local language which pulled in his posse individuals. Therefore, the policemen went under genuine physical assault from weapon-using punks. The officers were viciously butchered by these furnished posses. Thusly, Ikenga, the famous convict got away with the stolen setting.

The IGP while censuring the assault in solid terms, cautioned that the Police under his supervision won’t endure criminal assaults and strike on its staff or offices. The IGP has likewise requested for the prompt manhunt and capture of Mr IKenga and different individuals from his posse.

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