The Facebook account of a Malaysian woman supposedly married to a Nigerian man, disappeared along with that of her husband after her post warning Africans about a raid, went viral on Malaysia social media.


Recall that on Immigration Department conducted an operation against illegals and foreigners involved in crime and detained over 200 people mostly Nigerians in several raids in Gombak, Kajang and Subang Jaya.


Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat said those detained were 128 Nigerians along with 14 people of other nationalities, including those from Pakistan and Indonesia.


“They were detained under Section 6(i)(c) of the Immigration Act for not having travel documents,” he said.


SAC Fadzil said the operation was carried out in view of the rising cases of social ills and crime among Africans in Selangor.

“Besides cheating syndicates, suspects from African countries are involved in armed robbery and other crimes. We are deeply concerned (over the number of foreigners involved in crime) and the operation is conducted to track down and gather information on the suspects,” he said.


Among the Nigerians detained were four men and a woman, suspected of operating a love scam syndicate from Apartment Desa Aman Puri.

“We also seized three laptops and six mobiles phones,” he said.


One Nigerian man jumped from the third floor of the same apartment in an attempt to evade the authorities during the raid, he added.


“He broke his foot and is currently being treated at the Selayang Hospital,” he said.
SAC Fadzil said 536 Selangor CID personnel were involved in the operation along with 98 policemen from various other units as well as 12 state Immigration officers.


Before warning the African immigrants, the last post on her Facebook page was a father’s Day appreciation post to her husband. See below.


Malaysian woman married to Nigerian man deletes her Facebook account after her post alerting Africans about immigration raid, went viral

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