As attention shifts to the Supreme Court for the final resolution of the controversy surrounding the 2019 gubernatorial poll in Oyo State, the All Progressives Congress (APC) says it has uncovered alleged plans by Governor Oluseyi Makinde and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to heat up the polity, stampede the judiciary and whip up undue sentiments.

The appellate court sitting in Ibadan had on November 11, 2019 set aside the election petitions tribunal’s earlier judgment which upheld the declaration of Makinde as the winner of the March 9 governorship election but the decision was viewed as not declarative enough. Thus both Makinde and the APC candidate, Chief Adebayo Adelabu, have reportedly headed to the apex court in Abuja for final determination of the case.

Oyo APC, in a statement by its Assistant Publicity Secretary, Prince Ayobami Adejumo, raised the alarm that it had uncovered plans by the Makinde camp to embark on sponsorship of street protests, media write-ups and broadcast media slots aimed at creating impression that Makinde won a free and fair mandate and any attempt by the judiciary to act on its findings would spark public unrest in the state.

“In demonstration of their desperation to hold on to a stolen mandate, Gov. Makinde and his lackeys have concluded plans to devote enormous resources of the state to certain activities aimed at misleading the Supreme Court over the all-important case before it.

“In fact, the arrow head of the plot is a turncoat currently serving in the PDP government and who is popular for constituting a nuisance in the mass media at any given opportunity,” it reads.

Reacting the PDP has described APC in the state as, “a bunch of desperate politicians who are afraid of their shadows.”

The PDP, which spoke through the State Publicity Secretary of the party. Engineer Akeem Olatunji, said that the election petition filed against Makinde’s victory was doomed to fail, being a bad case ab initio.

“They know that they have no case, but being characters who are not ashamed of telling lies in the open, they are attempting to deceive the fickle-minded and the unsuspecting persons.

But they have a bad case from the outset. They indeed have no case, we all know. Even their candidate knows he is in a wide goose chase,” the PDP spokesman said.

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