Two ladies have been tossed into jail in the wake of being condemned by a sharia court for wearing meager dress.

A Shari’a Court II sitting at Magajin Gari, Kaduna, on Tuesday condemned 20-year-old Farida Taofiq and Raihana Abbas to two months in jail each for wearing scanty dresses.

Taofiq and Abbas, inhabitants of Argungu street in Kaduna, were sentenced after they confessed to “establishing open annoyance and revolting dressing.”

The two convicts anyway argued for mercy saying they won’t rehash the wrongdoing.

The judge, Mallam Musa Sa’ad-Goma, in any case, gave the convicts a choice to pay N3,000 fine each.

Sa’ad-Goma likewise requested them to come back to their folks’ homes.

Prior, the Prosecution Counsel, Aliyu Ibrahim, said that Taofiq and Abbas were captured on April 16, at a dark spot along Sabon Gari street wandering the road in scanty dresses.

“When they were asked where they were going, they said they were heading off to the place of a companion who had quite recently put to bed,” the arraignment said.

Ibrahim said the offense repudiated the arrangements of Section 346 of the Sharia Penal Code of Kaduna State.

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