A 21-year-old man has shocked the world by surviving after iron rod pierced through his head. 

The man survived  A man has lived after a steel rod speared through his head. The sad incident happened after he fell down a well. The construction worker identified as Sanjay Bahe, 21, was doing some repair work at a construction site in Balaghat, India when he fell. He was rushed to B.J Hospital after the iron rod pierced him from the right temporal region of his brain to the left frontal region. At hospital, medics reported that Sanjay’s blood pressure suddenly dropped. So the team led by Dr Pramod Giri began a 90-minute surgery in a bid to remove the rod. Sanjay was resuscitated with blood and blood products and was taken for surgery at the Neuron Hospital. Miraculously, the rod was removed safely with hardly any bleeding or injury to the surrounding area. Dr Giri said Sanjay’s main venous sinus to the brain was preserved by just millimetres.  

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